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O’Fallon Museum Board – Meeting Minutes November 2023

O’Fallon Museum Board – Meeting Minutes November 2023

O’Fallon Museum Board


November 12, 2023

Present Absent Toni Reetz, Trustee Curt Williams, Chairman

Linda Rost, Secretary Ken Griffith, Trustee

Melissa Rost, Curator


The meeting was called to order by Toni at 2:15 pm at the O’Fallon Museum metal building.

Public Comment:  Time limit 10 minutes per subject.

Minutes: Read by trustees. 

Linda made a motion to approve minutes and Toni seconded. Minutes approved.

Discussion of Curator’s Report

  • Blackfeet Tipi exhibit – take down the week of Thanksgiving and send back to Billings in a trunk.
    • From Western Heritage Center – dropoff is unknown
  • The 5th and 6th grade teachers contacted her about the tipis.
  • Night at the Museum – $347 from dinner; deposited $1000 from donation box plus stew.
  • Lots of food leftover – need to have a meal with Historical Society. – January 21, 2024
  • Trick or treat – Boo bags and leftover crafts – about 120 people stop, even with bad weather. 
  • BEK News – Mary Graner from ND
    • Filmed a segment  for an episode of “My Hometown.”
    • Interviewed Melissa, Randy Hanson, and Mike Madler for a Baker segment
    • Separate Deadwood Stage Coach segment with Mike Madler – Melissa paid personally
    • May do a museum segment ($2500) if they return to do a Wibaux segment.
    • Did a 30 second commercial for $1000 or $1500.
    • To make up for this cost, did not advertise in the Lincoln Marketing brochure for $750.
  • Visit SEMT – Did a board orientation
    • Retreat was rescheduled for December in MC instead of Oct. 25. – museum was closed that day, but Melissa got back early and someone stopped by.
  • Senior programming
    • October dress rehearsal of Elizabeth Scott
    • Holiday baking theme – November
    • Go back in January
    • Maybe invite people from the Villa to talk with 6th graders about their Christmas traditions
  • Veterans’s day – Programming with 6th graders
    • Presentation about local veterans, watched Caleb Rost’s video of Terry Cameron
    • One student had his great-grandpa’s WWII letters and said he should type them up to use for the museum.
  • Maintenance
    • Roy aired up tires before NATM.
    • List for Derrick DeHaan to do maintenance.
  • New accessions
    • Traci is logging them in Past Perfect
    • New printing press.
  • Historical Society grant has been submitted.
  • Upcoming:
    • Christmas in the Park – train and lights; ornaments to hand out
    • Museum: Christmas past; PTA: Christmas present; SMART: Christmas future
  • Attendance: September 58; October 276; FB post reach 4607 and post engagement 1625.

New Business

  • Accessions – Those voted yes are indicated. Toni made a motion and Linda seconded. Motion passed.
    • Rolph Tunby – Suitcase and recipe book – YES
    • Jan Singer – sewing machine, radios, phonograph – NO
    • Phebus – tractor – YES

Next Meeting: January 21, 2024

Adjournment: 2:55 pm 

_______________________________ __________________________________

s\ Curt Williams, Chairman     s\ Recording Secretary, Linda Rost, Trustee