10 W Fallon Ave Baker, MT 59313
Fallon County of Montana



Barbara Ketterling
Elected Treasurer



Julie Post
Deputy Treasurer



Roberta Lagasse
Title Clerk



Heidi Heid




Office Duties

The Treasurer’s Office collects and disburses all monies as dictated by state law and records these transactions.

This office deals with motor vehicle registrations, title transfers and applications, issues temporary permits, receipts for drivers license and moving permits for mobile homes.  The Treasurer’s office also does tax billing and collecting, invests funds for both schools and county, and handles tax protests. 

Credit Card payments accepted. Please contact the Treasurer’s office for more information

  • Property Taxes – Payments can be made at the treasurer’s office, by phone or mail. In the event that a tax statement is not received, it does not excuse the taxpayer from a timely payment of the taxes.
  • Real Estate –
    • First Installment due – November 30th
    • Second Installment due – May 31st
    • Real Estate tax bills are mailed in October of each year to the owner on record, as the name and mailing address appears on the tax roll. If you have not received a tax statement, please contact the Treasurer’s office at 406-778-7109. Taxes on real estate may be paid in two payments, the first on or before November 30th of each year, the second on or before May 31st of the following year. If the first installment is not paid or postmarked on or before November 30th, the amount of the first installment becomes delinquent. If the second installment is not paid or postmarked on or before May 31st, the amount of the second installment becomes delinquent. When either installment becomes delinquent a 2% penalty will be added, together with interest at the rate of 10% per annum, until paid. Both Installments may be paid at one time on or before November 30th.
      Your property may be eligible for Property Tax Assistance Program, this may include: Property Tax Assistance Disabled or Deceased Veteran’s Residential exemption, the Extended Property Tax Assistance Program and/or Elderly Homeowner’s Tax Credit. Contact the Department of Revenue at 406-778-7172 with any questions.
  • Personal Property Taxes
    • Due within 30 days of tax notice. Taxes on personal property are paid in one payment.
    • If not paid within 30 days, the tax becomes delinquent and a 2% penalty and 10% interest per annum must be added.
  • Mobile Home Taxes
    • First Installment due – May 31st
    • Second Installment due – November 30th
  • If not paid or postmarked on date due, the tax becomes delinquent and a 2% penalty and 10% interest per annum must be added.

No title paperwork will be done after 4:30 pm. 
Titling paperwork from Montana dealerships are required to be sent to the Treasurer’s office, out of state dealerships may send to your personal mailbox.  If you are purchasing from a private individual the following paperwork will be required:

  • Montana Title or
    • Out of State Title or
    • Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MCO)
  • Copy of loan contract (if applicable)

Montana Motor Vehicle Division

Montana DMV services are by appointment only. To setup an appointment please visit their website by clicking here

Motor Department of Justice – https://mvdmt.gov

Drivers Services Bureau – call for driver’s license question (406)444-1772.

Vehicle renewals can be done at the Fallon County Treasurer’s office between 8am to 5pm by check, cash or credit card. If using a credit card, there will be a service fee. Renewals may be done on the Merlin Online Renewal system or by mail. To renew with the Merlin Online Renewal system, you must have your renewal card or registration on hand. Tabs and registration will be mailed the following day after appropriate payment is received.

  • Online Renewal – Click here to register online. https://mt.vitu.com/mvdyourway/vrguest
  • Mail Renewal – When paying by mail please send reminder card from State of MT with $1.00 per registration mailing fee. Additional postage may be required if vehicle needs new license plates.

Click here for downloadable Motor Vehicle Forms https://mvdmt.gov/forms-manuals-vehicle-title-registration/

Montana registered vehicles must display a license plate on the front and rear of the vehicle with the renewal tab on the rear plate.