10 W Fallon Ave Baker, MT 59313
Fallon County of Montana

County Superintendent of Schools

The County Superintendent of Schools provides general supervision of the schools in the county defined by Montana law.

Duties of the office include:
Provides general supervision and applies school laws pertinent to education.
Serve as hearings officer for school controversies.
Oversees school election and swears in School Board Members.
Keeps register of teacher and administrators’ certificates.
Registers and reports Home Schooled students as required by Montana law.
Serves as Chairperson for the County Transportation Committee, reviews individual transportation contracts, sets bus routes, certifies bus drivers, and monitors bus inspections.
Classifies schools districts and sets school boundaries.
Review and approves all school budgets, schools reports, compute revenues, and files budgets and school reports with Office of Public Instruction.
Directs Spelling Bee if applicable.