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Little Beaver Conservation District Minutes – December 2023

Little Beaver Conservation District Minutes – December 2023

Little Beaver Conservation District Minutes

December 7th, 2023

Came to order: 5:30 pm

Present: Roddy Rost, Melissa Foster, Fred Houzvicka, Kodie Olsen, Dirk O’Connor, Michelle Gorder

  • Kodie made a motion to excuse Keith, Quentin and Melissa. Dirk seconded.

Minutes: The minutes from the October meeting were approved.

Financial Information: Kodie made a motion to pay the bills as presented, Fred seconded. The following bills were paid.

  • Hwy 12 Equipment- November storage rent- $300.00
  • Mid-Rivers Communications- WiFi -$41.90
  • Federal Tax Deposit -$445.08 (online)
  • Stephanie Crisler -$1,935.46
  • Fallon County Treasurer -$5.00
  • NAPA Precision Parts & Supply -$394.17
  • Rachel’s Accounting -$55.00
  • Lane Legacy -$25.00
  • Barkley Home Grown -$25.00
  • City of Baker -$20.30     
  • Roddy Rost -$525.94
  • Montana State withholding -$93.00 OL
  • The Badlands Patriot, llc -$13.00

Old Business:

  • It was brought to our attention by Batterman Law office that the lot was zoned a C-1 but is not the 10,500 sq ft requirements for a C-1 Zone to build for commercial. Stephanie went to talk to Kevin at the city office and he said that lot is grandfathered in and we will be allowed to build. The board would like a notarized paper stating that so we will have no issues moving forward.

New Business:

  • Roddy discussed all the resolutions that were passed at MACD Convention. o Stephanie let the board know that there are two positions up for election.
  • The fabric layer broken hitch was also mentioned and Stephanie will get it to Baker Metal to have them fix it before tree planting season.

Public Comment: None

Other Business:

  • DNRC-CBD: Veronica Grigaltchik (See Handout)
  • MACD: Roddy Rost
  • NRCS: Michelle Gorder

With no other further business Kodie adjourned the meeting, Dirk seconded. The next monthly meeting of the Little Beaver Conservation District will be held January 4th at 5:30 pm.

s\ Roddy Rost Chairman