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FMC Board of Trustees Meeting February 2023

FMC Board of Trustees Meeting February 2023



Wednesday, February 1, 2023

MEMBERS PRESENT                                                      

Doug Varner, President                             

Curt Arnell, Vice President

Evelyn Neary, Secretary

Betty Mueller, Board Member

Alice Kay Schweigert, Board Member

Elaine Stanhope, Board Member

David Kirschten, Board Member

            OTHERS PRESENT                      

            David Espeland, CEO

            Marjorie Losing, CFO

            Marissa Skogen, Recorder


Doug called the meeting of the FMC Board of Trustees to order at 5:30 p.m. in the FMC Community Room. 

  1. – Jason Griffith asked for clarification on the date of the meeting regarding the FMC by-law changes. The Board explained that it hasn’t happened yet due to reviewing the current by-laws. Terri and David Mahoney presented their concerns about how the election was ran and requested that the board present them with the original tally sheet documents.


No additions or corrections to the January 4, 2023 board minutes as distributed. David K. made a motion to approve the minutes. Elaine seconded.  Minutes stand approved as written.


Rehab Services: Spring Nacey reported that rehab services has 3 full-time physical therapists, 1 full-time occupational therapist, and 1 part-time helper. One PT returned to work after being gone for almost one year on maternity leave.  During her leave, the department became behind about 4-6 weeks in scheduling patients. Providers are trying to get caught up with their documentation which has also been strained due to implementing Thrive.  Each provider is working on lessening their backlog of dictation. Discussion held about hiring a contract therapist. Possible solutions were discussed to resolve the struggles the department is facing.Discussion was held about how cancellations are affecting work flow and possibly implementing a penalty for patients who are no shows to appointments. Amber and Spring expressed their desire to have a remodel for more space to accommodate the providers, patients, and the type of therapy required for athletes.

Quality Assurance / Infection Control: Judy McWilliams shared her concern about new requirements for heart measures; this year the government will rate facilities on performance based on transfer within 45 minutes of arrival. Due to FMC’s geographic location, this will never happen. Judy reported that the government also wants percutaneous coronary intervention within 90 minutes of arrival to the Emergency Department (ED). Judy states that the government is looking at health equity and would like facilities to have a health equity officer; facilities don’t need to report on what we did in 2023 until January 2024.


Eide Bailly Audit Report: John Haulk with Eide Bailly went over the FY2022 Audit Report in great detail with the Board of Trustees. (Enclosure)

Marjorie Losing presented the investment report from Jim Cusimano with Big Sky Financial to the board. Marjorie went over the December 2022 Financials and reported that the November 2022 Financials have been corrected. She shared that the new financial management system (FMS) that was planned to be implemented after the first of the year has gone back to pilot so there we are having to implement a lot of manual processes.  Once the FMS is ready, she and her staff will have to learn a whole new system.

December was a slow month with 22 IP days and 5 Skilled Days. Gross Revenue for the month of December was $745,050 while the budgeted amount was $917,029. Net Operating Revenue was $744,874 while the budgeted amount was $938,874. Expenses for the month of December were $1,115,337 while the budgeted amount was $1,071,745. Insurance was miscoded as recruitment in expenses, skewing the expenses. It will be corrected. Also, our supplies expense is showing a budget variance due to a large drug replacement order placed in the beginning of the FY. Operating Loss was ($370,462). Net Loss was ($295,062).


  1. MiKenna O’Donnell, OT Contract Renewal: MiKenna’s revised contract was presented to her, but she had no feedback at this time. Her contract is not up until March.
  • Provider Staffing Update: Dr. Moellmer contacted FMC and is interested in coming back. He’ll be on the schedule again in April. The proposed staffing model for the clinic is as follows: three physicians will be on a 10-day rotation; they will take ER call and work clinic. FMC will aim to hire a full-time physician who will work clinic, and two mid-levels will also be employed to work clinic.  None of these three will take call, but they will tend to patients in the hospital and LTC.  This model will free up Gina Manhart to go to Wibaux one or two days a week. The board was informed that Susan Stevens was contacted by a mid-level who is from this area and would like to move back to Montana.
  • Board Training Update: Bryan Peterson from Associated Employers will perform the FMC Board of Directors training on Monday, March 6, 2023. Marissa will confirm the time with him and inform the board.
  • HR Study Progress Update: The board received an update as to the progress of implementing the recommendations from Associated Employers (AE) in the HR department. Marissa has been working with managers to complete and update job descriptions while addressing other areas that were deemed urgent by AE. Curt made a motion to accept two corporate membership applications that were submitted since the January board meeting. Betty seconded the motion.


The Board adjourned their regular session having completed the agenda.

s\ Doug Varner, Board Chair

s\ Marissa Skogen, Recorder