10 W Fallon Ave Baker, MT 59313
Fallon County of Montana

Fallon County Noxious Weed Board Minutes January 2024

Fallon County Noxious Weed Board Minutes January 2024


JANUARY 9, 2024

Members in attendance: Wanda Pinnow, Roddy Rost, Dave Kirschten, Bev Burghduff, Sara Berger & Amanda Williams

  • Wanda moved to accept the minutes from the previous board meeting, Dave 2nd – motion passed.
  • Sara noted that we didn’t have a quorum when we had the BLM meeting in November but attached a copy of the minutes so that we would have them.
  • Wanda asked if we were still getting a truck to replace Blue, Sara noted that she had a commission meeting on the 10th and would check in with them.
  • Sara noted that she had 2 bills that had not been paid yet and explained that before Christmas she had sent just a reminder letter but that this week, she would be sending out the late bill letter. She did note that the City of Baker also still needs to take care of their bill but she was waiting for someone on the board to be able to go with and explain everything to the City.
  • Sara explained that she applied for the Special County/Reservations grant for the $7500 in November and that she put in for the Badlands Grant on January 6th.
  • Sara asked if anyone on the board was interested in attending the MWCA Conference Jan 30-Feb 1. Everyone was tied up with other commitments.
  • Discussed for the meeting on February 5th talking about the Weed Management Plan, Summer Employment and Drone information from the Conference
  • Roddy adjourned the meeting at 8:22pm

s\ Roddy Rost (Chair)                                                              s\ Sara Berger (Secretary)