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Commission Minutes – November 7-11 2022

Commission Minutes – November 7-11 2022



PRESENT: Roy Rost, Chairman and Kevin Braun, Member; Brenda Wood, Clerk and RecorderABSENT:  ABSENT: Steve Baldwin, Member


The Pledge of Allegiance was held in the Commissioner’s Office to start off the week.

          Rearrange the scheduled meetings due to a District Court Omnibus Hearing. 

9:15 AM PERMISSION TO HIRE DIRECTOR OF LIBRARY SERVICES/Julie Straub, HRM; Stacey Moore, Director of Library Services

          Stacey would like permission to hire Beth Meggers as the new Director of Library services. Beth’s start date will be January 1st.   

          Commissioner Braun made the motion to hire Beth Meggers as the new Director of Library Services with a start date of January 1, 2023, (in that position).  Commissioner Rost seconded the motion.  Commissioner Rost asked for any further discussion; being none.  2 Ayes. 0 Nays. 1 Absent (Commissioner Baldwin). The motion carried. 

9:19 AM Stacey left the meeting.

9:20AM PERMISSION TO HIRE DEPUTY CLERK OF DISTRICT COURT/Julie Straub, HRM; Jeraldine Newell, Clerk of District Court

          Jerrie would like to offer the position to Trisha Shipman as the Deputy Clerk of District Court.  There has been no decision on the start date; Jerrie will work with Judge Anna Straub on the start date.

          Commissioner Braun made the motion to hire Trisha Shipman as the Deputy Clerk of District Court, with a start date to be determined at a later date.  Commissioner Rost seconded the motion.  Commissioner Rost asked for any further discussion; being none.  2 Ayes. 0 Nays. 1 Absent (Commissioner Baldwin).  The motion carried. 

9:25 AM Jerrie and Julie left the meeting.

9:29 AM Lynda Herbst, Inside Custodian Supervisor met to remind the Commission she will be gone all week.


          Selena Nelson, Member of the Public, phoned in for public comment. Selena read a letter to the Commission which she asked to submit into the minutes for the record.  The letter is as follows:

Date: November 7, 2022

To: Fallon County Commissioners From: Selena Nelson

On October 17, 2022@ 9:30 AM, Brenda Stoddard read a statement for the Fallon County Commission and it was recorded in the minutes as read. My name was included in her statement along with a false quote. I would like to rebut her statement.

Her statement as per the October 17, 2022 minutes read as follows:

“Selena Nelson, previous CFO, stood up at the Commissioners’ FMC Contract meeting last summer stating that they (FMC) were not trying to defraud the County but that she was told by David Espeland to spend every dime that they (County) would give us!”

I would like to go on the record and emphatically state that nothing in her version of my statement is true nor remotely close to what I said. The only meeting regarding Ms. Stoddard’s discontent with FMC that I have attended and spoken at, was the evening meeting held in the Fallon County Court Room to take public comment regarding the FMC Management Contract. I searched for the official minutes to review the official verbiage but was unable to find them.

Ms. Stoddard had made an earlier statement at the public meeting about the inappropriateness of FMC billing Fallon County via the claim process, for incidental supplies such as “Peas and Garbage Bags.” My statement was to rebut the accusation of inappropriateness and explain the claim process used at the time that I was FMC CFO (which was over 5 years prior). At no time did I mention David Espeland’s name, nor was I told by David Espeland “to spend every dime.” Nor have I heard him say such a thing. I strongly object to my name being used with false statements and I want to have nothing to do with her agenda, especially one that is mired in false information.

While I was unable to find the specific minutes, with the specific verbiage, the courtroom was full of witnesses that I can call to verify my statement….including the three present commissioners.

   I also, respectfully, am inquiring of the commission if they have a policy or process on dealing with incorrect information that is presented to them?  Since I have been retired as FMC’s CFO for almost 6 years, I no longer have the authority to speak on their behalf. However, common sense tells me there are many incorrect statements in Mrs. Stoddard’s statements. So again, my question is how do you handle false information when presented?
s/Selena Nelson

Selena Nelson bsnelson@midrivers..com 406.978.2638

409 W Fallon Avenue Baker, MT 59313

          The Commission stated Selena’s letter will be recorded in the minutes as written. Commissioner Braun did not think the Commission could deny individuals to be placed on the agenda.  If they are not placed on the agenda, they can come in during public comment and speak on their topic. The Commission has no way of knowing if the individuals that meet with them are giving false statements. Regarding a policy, there isn’t really a policy but they will record Selena’s rebut, just as they did Brenda Stoddard’s letter.  Selena was fine with that as long as they allow the opportunity to rebut. Commissioner Braun stated the public uses the Commission office to make their statements public and again stated the Commission has no way of knowing if the statements are false or not.  Selena stated she stakes her reputation on truth and honesty.

9:36 AM Selena hung up the phone, leaving the meeting.


Commissioner Braun made the motion to approve the October 31-November 4, 2022 Commissioner Minutes as presented.  Commissioner Rost seconded the motion.  Commissioner Rost asked for any other discussion; being none. 2 Ayes. 0 Nays. 1 Absent (Commissioner Baldwin). The motion carried.

10:00 AM ROAD/SHOP UPDATES/Bobby Wiedmer, Road Superintendent; Mitch Overn, Shop Mechanic

          Still hauling on Ollie Road and will move to the Beaver Slide Road.  The Road Department is still assisting (dumping containers) from the container site when needed.

10:15 AM Bobby and Mitch left the meeting. 


The Commission reviewed and approved end of month October, 2022 claims in the amount of $547,055.75. They are filed in the Clerk and Recorder’s Office.


The Commission reviewed revenues received, reports, emails and other correspondence, board minutes and agendas.

MOU-Backup PSAP for answering 9-1-1 Calls

          This was tabled until a meeting can be scheduled with the related Departments.

Discuss/Decision to update agreement for Provision of Payment for Tournament Labor

          The Commission made the decision not to bill Lakeview Country Club this year and will review this again next year. 

FY23 PHEP Contract

           Task Order Number 23-07-6-11-018-0 -FY 22 Master Contract for Public Health Emergency Preparedness was signed and will be placed of record. 

12:00 PM Commissioner Braun made the motion to adjourn. Commissioner Rost seconded the motion. Commissioner Rost asked for any other discussion; being none.  2 Ayes. 0 Nays. 1 Absent. (Commissioner Baldwin). The motion carried.

          ADJOURN                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               s/Roy Rost, Chairman


s/Brenda J. Wood, Clerk and Recorder