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Baker Gun Range Board Meeting Minutes – May 2023

Baker Gun Range Board Meeting Minutes – May 2023

Baker Gun Range Board |MEETING Minutes

 5-1-23 | 18:11 |  Indoor range classroom

Meeting called by Shane Bettenhausen Jim Leischner   Type of meeting Regularly scheduled Regular Monthly meeting   Facilitator Carl Overland Dave Kono   Notes / Timekeeper Marty Setinc Marty Setinc          MEMBERS PRESENT Marty Setinc Carl Overland Matt Webber Kirk Lineback Steve Bryan    NON-MEMBERS PRESENT       Shane Bettenhausen Jim Leischner

18:16 | Meeting called to order | Carl Overland

Prior month’s meeting minutes were reviewed. No corrections or additions. Minutes approved.

18:04 | Review Old Business | Group

  • FWP grant still pending according to recent update in the commissioner’s minutes.
  • Snow removal open discussion
  • Matt and Kirk received qualifications to be 4H trap leaders.
    • Open house will be held Wednesday, May 3rd.
    • First class will be Wednesday May 24th.
    • Depending on class sizes, may roll the group in with the Thursday night trap club.
  • 6:56 Kimberly Jensen joined the meeting to discuss the county fiscal budget and procurement policy.
    • Review of Commissioner’s letter encouraging everyone to shop local and support local tax base.
    • Review of Fallon County Procurement Policy
      • Even for budgeted items, responsible member must notify commission at time of ultimate purchase.
      • Competitive Quotes when possible. Bids required at >$80,000.
      • No splitting of invoice line items for the same project.
      • No pre-payment
      • Shooting range operates out of the “general fund” (1000).
      • Shooting range is an account under said general fund.
      • “200” codes – supplies
      • “300” codes – services
      • “900” codes – capital purchases over $5,000 – Fixed Assets
      • Make sure to notify Kimberly of decommissioning of items with asset tags.
      • Inventory reports out to Jim and Shane in October.
      • Budgets will be distributed in April, due back in June. Budgetary meetings to follow.
      • How do we allocate any grants received?
        • Board is responsible to allocate grant funds into the budget.
        • Will be split and coded per County Guidelines.
      • It would be a good practice for the board to complete and submit some revenue reports as demonstration of income.
      • If we use a new vendor to perform any services on county property, Kimberly needs notified and a W9 to process a 1099. Will also need a certificate of liability insurance.


Old Business Closing

18:17 | Discuss New Business | Group

  • Open review of updated range bylaws for those not present in last meeting.
  • Steve – Question about current members and non-members having access to the facility.
    • Can we prorate memberships?
    • Code sharing?
    • Fobs?
    • Carl to resume discussion with County IT personnel for phone usage to gain entry.
    • Jim to provide a list of current members for board review.
  • Open discussion about new facility rules signage.
  • Matt to provide quote to make sign.
  • Matt brought up issue of garbage / trash in facility.
    • Board members / users to haul off what we can until container is available.
    • Container is in use but will be delivered as soon as available.
  • Trap club budget
    • Trap sports will get their own cost codes established for budgeting separate of the rest of the facility
    • Sale per round of trap $5, cost is $3, profit $2.  
    • Runnings prices for clays will be going up 45% in June/July
    • MC club has agreed to cost share for a whole truckload. $1096.40

18:52 | Motion to adjourn made by Kirk Lineback| Steve Bryan seconds (2nd)

Meeting Adjourned

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