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Fallon County of Montana

Request for Qualifications for Architectural, Engineering, and Land Surveying services

Request for Qualifications for Architectural, Engineering, and Land Surveying services

Fallon County, Montana is soliciting proposals for Architectural, Engineering, Land Surveying services related to the counties various projects. The County may utilize the Firm to provide services relating to planning, funding solicitation, design, and other activities related to a project.

The services to be provided may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Assist the County with the preparation of Preliminary Engineering Reports as necessary meeting all funding source requirements.
  2. Assist the County with the preparation of grant proposals, as necessary, or assist the County’s representative with grant preparation.
  3. Assist the County with improvement projects, including, but not limited to: design and construction engineering services; preparing construction bid packages in conformity with county requirements and supervising the bid advertising; tabulation and award process, including preparing the advertisement for bid solicitation; conducting the bid opening; and issuing notice to proceed. The Firm will also conduct all necessary construction conferences, including: pre-bid and pre-construction; working closely with the grant administrator or if requested; providing grant administration services; providing project and construction management services related to the project; and assisting with any other typical engineering aspects of a major facility renovation.
  4. Coordinate work and projects with other agencies and entities, including but not limited to the Montana Department of Transportation, City of Baker, Town of Plevna, the Montana Department of Environmental Quality, FEMA, EPA, and other similar regulatory agencies.

There is no guarantee that the County will require any number of the above and the agreement with the selected Firm will allow for termination of any or all the services at any time during the contract period.

There will not be a pre-submittal conference for the RFQ.


There is no limit on page number or the length of the SOQs. However, the Commission is not interested in brochures, boilerplate filler, or general information that is not relevant to the services requested. The Firm responding to this RFQ are advised to provide a clear, concise, and responsive approach to addressing all issues noted in this RFQ keeping in mind that the Commission may select more than one Firm for a project based upon specific strengths related to individual projects.

Key elements to each SOQ should include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following items:

1. Interested Firms will provide written statements of qualifications (SOQ’s) to the County based on the guidelines and information in this RFQ.

2. Firms shall be duly licensed in the State of Montana and certified to perform the professional services offered by the proposal.

3. All Firms are required to comply with the provisions  of all state and local laws and regulations.

4. Additional evaluation steps may include, but not be limited to, interviews, a review of the Firm’s engineering fee structure, a check of references, or other activities deemed to be in the County’s best interests.

  1. Qualifications of Firm/Personnel Assigned to Project

Describe the proposed project team and qualifications of their profession who may be assigned to a project. Discuss who will interact with the Commission and the organizational structure that will be proposed by the Firm. It will be key to identify those persons who will be working with the Commission on a day-to-day basis. The Commission expects that it will work primarily with the team leaders.

  • Ability to meet timelines, and budget

Include reference to the Firm’s ability to perform within project budgets, meet timelines, and other critical factors related to a project of this nature.

  • Proximity of Firm to Fallon County – Recent or Current Work for Fallon County.

The Commission wishes to collaborate closely with the selected Firm and desires efficient service. The Firm should address their location to the County and how they will provide effective service and how they will address travel costs and travel time issues.

  • Availability

It is important that the selected Firm be capable of responding to the County’s needs in a timely manner, complete projects on time, and be an efficient resource for the County. Address the Firms present and projected workloads.

  • Experience

The Firm shall provide a recent description of their experience on similar projects and current work for Fallon County.


  The County may select the Firm most qualified to provide the services required for a proposed project.

Upon making the final determination of a Firm for a project, the Commission will proceed to negotiate a contract with the Firm(s). If negotiations are not successful, the Commission may choose to negotiate with other submitted proposals until a contract is negotiated.

The Commission reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to end negotiations at any time and at any stage in the process, and to not award a contract to any Firm.


Each Firm must submit an electronic copy and one (1) hard copy of their SOQ proposals to Fallon County no later than 5:00 p.m. Friday March 24, 2023.

Proposals must be clearly marked “Professional Engineering Services Statement of

Qualifications” and directed to:

            Fallon County Commission

                P.O. Box 846

                10 West Fallon Ave.

                Baker, MT  59313



This RFQ does not commit Fallon County for paying any costs incurred by a Firm in the submission or presentation of a proposal, or in making the necessary studies for the preparation thereof. Further, the Commission of Fallon County reserves the right to:

  • Accept or reject any and all submittals received as a result of this RFQ at any time.
  • Negotiate with qualified Firm.
  • Cancel the RFQ, in part or in whole, if it is determined to be in the best interest of the County to do so.
  • Select more than one Firm as appropriate for individual projects.
  • Waive minor irregularities and formalities in the RFQ submittals.
  • Seek further SOQs for engineering design and construction services, in whole or in part.
  • The Commission reserves the right to seek clarification on any point in any SOQ at any phase of the selection process.

No guarantee of work, financial obligation, or other assurance is made to any respondent of this RFQ.


Each Firm, by the submission of an SOQ, understands and agrees that the award of a contract shall be contingent upon the successful applicant providing Fallon County with proof of the following insurance coverage:

1. Liability insurance in the amount of $1,500,000.00 or greater, as follows:

  1. Comprehensive commercial general liability insurance, including personal injury liability, blanket contractual liability, and broad-form property damage liability coverage. The following minimum limits are required: Aggregate – $1,500,000.00; Products – $1,500,000.00; Personal & Advertising Injury – $1,500,000.00; Each occurrence –


b. Commercial automobile liability insurance as a result of death or bodily injury to any persons, or destruction of or damage to any property arising out of the ownership, maintenance, or use of any owned, non- owned or hired motor vehicle with limits of not less than $1,500,000.00 per occurrence.  All coverage shall be on an occurrence basis and not on a claim made basis.

c. Workers compensation and unemployment insurance coverage as required by law with a waiver of subrogation in favor of Fallon County including Employer’s liability coverage with limits of not less than $1,500,000.00 per occurrence; OR, alternatively, the Engineer shall provide documentation establishing to Fallon County’s satisfaction that the Engineer is exempt from Worker’s Compensation and unemployment insurance coverage pursuant to 39-71-401(3) and 39-51-204(2), MCA.

2. Professional liability insurance, including errors and omissions, with limits of not less than $750,000.00 per occurrence and $1,500,000 policy aggregate.

3. The following inclusions to the engineer’s certificate of insurance shall be made:

a. Waiver of transfer of rights of recovery and right of subrogation against others to Fallon County.

b. It is agreed that this insurance is primary to and non-contributory with any insurance maintained by Fallon County.

c. The General Liability Coverage and Automobile Liability shall include endorsements for additional insured, naming the “Fallon County” its elected officials, employees, agents, and volunteers as an additional insured. The additional insured endorsement shall be attached to the certificate of insurance.

d. The additional insured shall contain a severability of interest provision in favor of Fallon County and a Waiver of Subrogation in favor of Fallon County.

e. All required coverage shall be written with companies that have at least an AmBest rating of B+VII.

f.     All insurance shall provide a 30-day notice of cancellation or material change.


If the Commission feels, at any time, that a Firm SOQ contains false or misleading statements, references, or any other matter which does not support a function, attribute, capability, or condition as stated by the Firm(s) submitting, the submittal shall be rejected, regardless of the status or the phase of the selection process.


Upon completion of negotiations or a determination that no proposals will be pursued, one copy of each submitted proposal shall be retained for the official files of the City and will be considered a public record.


Nothing in this RFQ or in any subsequent agreement, or any other contract entered into as a result of this RFQ, shall constitute, create, give rise to or otherwise be recognized as a partnership or formal business organization of any kind between or among the County and respondent.


Questions regarding this RFQ or the planned projects should be addressed to:

                Fallon County

                P.O. Box 846

                10 West Fallon Ave.

                Baker, MT 59313