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Public Notice – Tax Appeal Board 2023

Public Notice – Tax Appeal Board 2023


     The Fallon County Tax Appeal Board will be in session from July 1, 2023, through December 31, 2023, for the business of hearing property valuation and classification appeals.  Any taxpayer who disagrees with the appraised value or classification of his or her property may file an appeal with the Fallon County Tax Appeal Board within 30 days of receipt of a Notice of Classification and Appraisal or Notice to Change Valuation (assessment notice) established by the Montana Department of Revenue.

     Notices are typically mailed to taxpayers in June; taxpayers should examine notices as soon as they are received. Notices should reflect any change in value, ownership, or classification, as of January 1, 2023.

     Taxpayers must appeal within 30 days of receiving the Notice of Classification and Appraisal, from the DOR, or it is not considered timely and cannot be heard.  If the Taxpayer does an informal review with the Department of Revenue (AB-26), then you have more time, and the 30 days starts when you receive your determination letter from the DOR.       Appeal forms, as well as other information is available from www.mtab.mt.gov.

  Appeals must be filed with the County Clerk and Recorder who will notify the County Tax Appeal Board to schedule a hearing.  

     You may deliver to the Clerk and Recorder’s office at 10 West Fallon Avenue in Baker, MT  59313 or mail to PO Box 846-Baker, MT  59313.

     For further information contact:

Brenda J. Wood
Tax Appeal Board Secretary/Clerk and Recorder