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Contracted Planner & Floodplain Coordinator: Forrest Sanderson (KLJ)
Planning and Zoning Administrative Assistant: Mary Grube


Residents of Fallon County, Montana; which include the incorporated Town of Plevna and the City of Baker; are continually championing a cause regardless of the circumstance. The most important asset Fallon County has is its residents and the sense of "community" that results from living in rural America. These characteristics make Fallon County a great place to live.

Public Hearing Notices

Workforce Housing Zoning Pump Station 10/02/2018 - Expired

Copy of TransCanada Keystone Pipline Man Camp Application

Section 1 – Final Lease Determination
Section 2 – Required Review Fee
Section 3 – Workforce Housing Facility Site Plan
Section 4 – Workforce Housing Facility Maintenance and Management Plan
Section 5 – Landscaping and Buffer Plan
Section 6 – Site Closure and Restoration Plan
Section 7 – Phasing Plan
Section 8 – Landowners within 150' of Proposed Adjacent Baker PS Camp
Section 9 – Transportation Impact Analysis and Haul Route Agreement
Section 10 – Variance

Appendix A – 2014 Baker Camp Environmental Assessment
Appendix B – 2014 Baker Camp Geotechnical Report
Appendix C – Subdivision Abstract
Appendix D – Communications with Fallon County Regarding Proposed Adjacent Baker PS Camp


Findings of Fact For TransCanada Workforce Housing Expansion
Conditional Use Permit









Mary Grube
Planning and Zoning
Administrative Assistant

10 W Fallon Ave
P.O. Box 1134
Baker MT 59313
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