10 W Fallon Ave Baker, MT 59313
Fallon County of Montana

Fallon County & City of Baker Planning

Survey for Growth Policy Update



Contracted Planner & Floodplain Coordinator: Forrest Sanderson (KLJ)
Planning and Zoning Administrative Assistant: Mary Grube


Residents of Fallon County, Montana; which include the incorporated Town of Plevna and the City of Baker; are continually championing a cause regardless of the circumstance. The most important asset Fallon County has is its residents and the sense of “community” that results from living in rural America. These characteristics make Fallon County a great place to live.

Floodplain  FY 2022
Floodplain Permit$750.00
Floodplain Permit Agricultural$250.00
Floodplain Permit Boat Dock or Ramp$300.00
Floodplain Permit Extension$375.00
Floodplain Appeal or Variance Request$1,000.00
Site Visit for A or D Zones$250.00
After the Fact Permit$1,500.00
After the Fact Permit with Variance$3,000.00
Emergency Permit$500.00
Major Subdivisions$450.00
Minor Subdivisions$300.00
Preliminary Plat 
Major Subdivision$4,000.00 + $150.00/lot
First Minor Subdivision$2,000.00 + $150.00/lot
Subsequent Minor Subdivision$2,500.00 + $150.00/lot
Material Amendments 
Material Amendments Prior to Planning Board Hearing50% of original fee
Material Amendments, After Planning Board Prior to Commissioners decision.75% of original fee
Material Amendments, First Minor Subdivision prior to Commissioners Decision40% of original fee
Review of Material Changes to an approved Preliminary Plat.100% of original fee
Final Plat 
Major Subdivision$1,000.00 + $100.00/lot
Subsequent Minor Subdivision$1,000.00 + $100.00/lot
First Minor Subdivision$750.00 + $100.00/lot
General Subdivision 
Subdivision Variance$450.00/Variance Requested
Subdivision Improvements Agreement$350.00
Preliminary Plat Extension$150.00
Buildings For Lease or Rent (BLR) 
BLR Review$1,500.00 + $75.00/Building
Conservation Easement Review$200.00
Exemption Review (§76-3-201 or 207)$200.00
Workforce Housing$1,000.00 + $75.00/Building
Zoning Text Amendment$1,500.00
Examining Land Surveyor 
Certificate of Survey/Amended PlatActual Cost with minimum fee of $350.00
Minor SubdivisionActual Cost with minimum fee of $350.00
Major SubdivisionActual Cost with minimum fee of $350.00
Printing – Black and White
Letter Size8.5X11$1.00
Legal Size8.5X14$1.50
Ledger Size11X17$2.00
17X22 OR 18X24$3.00
22X34 OR 24X36$5.00
34X44 OR 36X48$10.00
Printing – Color
Letter Size8.5X11$2.00
Legal Size8.5X14$3.00
Ledger Size11X17$5.00
17X22 OR 18X24$8.00
22X34 OR 24X36$10.00
34X44 OR 36X48$20.00
LaminatingSquare Foot$2.00 per square foot