Fallon History
WagonThe Milwaukee Railroad entered Eastern Montana in 1908 on its way to the West coast. Following it, came homesteads, businesses, schools and churches. In 1913 folks in this area successfully elected to split from Custer County to form Fallon County. Later that year Fallon split to form Carter County to the South. Fallon again lost area in 1914 and 1915 to help establish Wibaux and Prairie Counties. To learn more about the rich history of Fallon County, visit our local chamber or the O’Fallon Museum.

Fallon County is located in Eastern Montana bordering North Dakota. It has a land mass of 1619 square miles and a population of about 2900 folks. The economy of the county is driven by farming, ranching and oil production.


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Community Vision
Fallon County’s vision is to retain existing residents, provide amenities that improve quality of life, promote sustainable growth, diversify the local economy to minimize impacts during economic downturns and mitigate impacts of rapid growth.



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